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Where is that draft coming from?  Why does the snow on our roof melt before all the neighbors? Why is the floor rotting?  Poorly sealed doors/windows, lack of insulation and leaking pipes can create a home that's not very pleasant to be in.  Not only are they uncomfortable, but they're expensive to operate and maintain.  A Westview Thermal Imaging Inspection can help identify where problems may exist.  
Thermal imaging is not x-ray vision, but it is a powerful tool to help identify problems that would otherwise not be seen with the naked eye.  A Westview Thermal Imaging Inspection can detect things like poor air sealing, insulation deficiencies, potential electrical overloads and moisture intrusion from leaking pipes or the building envelope.   Fixing those problems before they grow can result in a much more comfortable home, reduced maintenance costs and lower utility bills.
Westview Inspection Services  is Infrared Certified.   We use a professional grade FLIR E5 infrared camera for all such inspections.  This results in higher quality images that can help pinpoint deficiencies where they occur.  Less expensive equipment is available, but we don't use it.  It doesn't work as well and isn't as effective.  Westview strives to be the best.
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